⚑Ledger Support

Yieldmos has Ledger support for certain networks

Ledger support is available for Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Secret Network, Umee, Kujira, Mars Protocol, Quicksilver Protocol, Migaloo, Regen Network, Lum Network, Axelar Network, Stargaze, Persistence, Juno Network, Chihuahua, Comdex, Quicksilver, Omniflix, Akash Network, Teritori Network, EVMOS, LUNA, AURA and Planq Foundation.

Ledger support on Yieldmos will continue to be expanded as additional networks either add Ledger support for authz or upgrade to Cosmos SDK v0.46.

If you're interested in using Yieldmos for networks on which Keplr doesn't support Ledger and authz compatibility, see Ledger Support Using the CLI.

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