🌟Validator Pages

Yieldmos' validator pages make it easier for validators to offer auto compounding services to their delegators.

Yieldmos automatically indexes every single validator on every chain we support.

Yieldmos generates a page that displays the validator's information as well as allows users to delegate and auto compound their delegation from a convenient UI.

All of the disparate validator profiles are joined via the keybase "identity" listed on chain.

How to Find Your Validator Page URL on Yieldmos

The easiest way to find your URL on Yieldmos: use your valoper address, which will automatically redirect to your validator's name.

Type in yieldmos.com/v/valoperaddress


will redirect to


You can direct your users to either address.

Auto Compounding Settings Flow

Delegators will see a slightly different flow from the traditional Yieldmos flow when using a validator link. They will always be offered the chance to delegate and auto compound to your validator.

Linking to a Specific Chain

It's also possible to link directly to the flow for a specific chain for your validator via your validator URL.

Example: https://www.yieldmos.com/v/ozmage-validation/btsg-staking-rewards

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