Updating/Extending a Strategy

How to update or extend your active strategy


  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Click "Update" on the Active Strategy you want to modify or extend

  3. Enter your configuration settings for the strategy

    1. To modify your strategy, enter the new settings that you want

    2. To extend your strategy, enter the same settings you were running

  4. Click "Confirm"

Whenever you update an Active Strategy, the "Session Duration" will reset to the default compounding duration of 90 days.

Session Duration is not a bonding period. Your funds are not locked up, and Yieldmos does not have ownership of your funds at any time.

Detailed Steps

After connecting your wallet, select the Active Strategy you want to update and click the "Update" button.

Add your desired updated configuration, including validator(s) and allocations.

When you update a strategy, Yieldmos does not currently show your active strategy settings. In the future, when you update a strategy, you will be able to see both your current and updated settings.

Once you have updated your strategy settings, click "Next."

Currently, Yieldmos does not populate the email address you entered or the notifications you selected when you activated the strategy. In the future, when you update a strategy, Yieldmos will auto-populate this information.

To update the strategy, click "Confirm."

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