Frequently Asked Questions


Does Yieldmos take custody of my tokens?

No. Yieldmos is a non-custodial solution that does not take custody of your assets.

(See "Why Non-Custodial Solutions?" for more details.)

What networks does Yieldmos currently support?

Yieldmos currently supports compounding of staking rewards for almost 30 networks (see the full list at yieldmos.com/strategies). Yieldmos also supports compounding of all liquidity pools (LPs) rewards on Osmosis.

Yieldmos is also regularly adding additional networks.

How is Yieldmos different from other staking reward compounding services?

Yieldmos supports every validator on all supported networks. Yieldmos also allows you to specify an allocation to each validator you delegate to. You can also choose to keep a portion of your staking rewards in your wallet and not compound them.

Does Yieldmos have Ledger support?

Yes! Ledger support is available for Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Secret Network, Umee, Kujira, Mars Protocol, Quicksilver Protocol, Migaloo, Regen Network, Lum Network, Axelar Network, Stargaze, Persistence, Juno Network, Chihuahua, Comdex, Quicksilver, Omniflix, Akash Network, Teritori Network, EVMOS, LUNA, AURA and Planq Foundation.

Ledger support will continue to be expanded as additional networks either add Ledger support for authz or upgrade to Cosmos SDK v0.46.

Does Yieldmos have the ability to send my funds to itself?

No. Yieldmos can only execute a limited number of operations with your authorization. None of Yieldmos' current strategies require the "send token" permission.

Does Yieldmos use smart contracts?

No. None of the current Yieldmos strategies use smart contracts.

Will my yields be higher by using Yieldmos vs. compounding manually?

No, not inherently. If you manually compound as often as Yieldmos, your yields would be very similar.

However, the benefit of using Yieldmos is that you don't have spend time compounding all of your rewards yourself, thereby saving you time.

If I opt-in to email updates, what does Yieldmos do with my email address?

Your email address is only used to send you the notifications you have opted-in to. Yieldmos does not sell or share your email address, nor does Yieldmos plan to do so in the future.

Am I still eligible for airdrops if I use Yieldmos?

Yes! Since you always maintain ownership of your tokens while using Yieldmos, you continue to be eligible for all relevant airdrops.

How do I know which addresses belong to Yieldmos?

These are the Yieldmos addresses by network:

  • agoric197h9y842e3gmqunq80hr56x5dd2judw4stwydn

  • akash1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jnktn44

  • bcna1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jyak4ya

  • bitsong13ns28f0dw9l42824je5g9p58ejx59n8xmrxg00

  • cerberus1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jz2xaey

  • chihuahua1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jact6dd

  • cosmos1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j7dx5v0

  • cro1kem74cfcnh88tmnc6zgh58dlp73sr9s9fjg5e5

  • evmos1fjfr8x8mclkx7srgfdmce39h3x0dmxgdx7wqes

  • fetch1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jds0swc

  • gravity1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j6a5vf8

  • juno1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jgl90tn

  • kava17vm3v3y9mvggkusf7qedukzsxg9ujxlsd9f2vj

  • kujira1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j09yvp9

  • lum1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jt8maem

  • mantle1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jqfa3n9

  • meme1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jqjsrt9

  • osmo1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jkk4y6a

  • persistence1mck7rcqy046gmh6afjh70tsjsdlle6z5r0rcdq

  • rebus1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j089pce

  • regen1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jp0dg6t

  • secret1l2kduz708sgzt7ngdsqcm6ss3wvp05533hrwca

  • sent1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j9ksdgq

  • sif1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jmsfzry

  • stars1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j233f87

  • terra1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jcfu5w0

  • tori1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jue3ahl

  • umee1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jvmmtga

Why do I not see any Yieldmos transactions on Mintscan when I look at my account?

Currently, Mintscan does not support the display of transactions that have been executed on your behalf using authz. Please use ATOMScan to view the pertinent details of the transaction Yieldmos has executed on your behalf.

On ATOMScan, the transactions executed by Yieldmos will be categorized as "Multiple" in the Type column. (Note: every "Multiple" transaction in your list of transactions is not necessarily Yieldmos; any transactions with more than one Type or more than one account will be displayed as "Multiple.") Click on the Hash link to view the details of the transaction and then search for your wallet address (CTRL/CMD+F on most browsers).

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