Authz / Yieldmos Non-custodial Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is authz?

Authz is a message authorization protocol that allows the granting of arbitrary privileges from one account (the granter) to another account (the grantee).

Authz enables Yieldmos strategies to be non-custodial, which allows you to maintain full ownership of your assets and eliminates the risks associated with custodial protocols.

As a simple example: the functionality of authz can be compared to Google Doc permissions. As the owner of the Doc, you can give others permission to View Only or Edit and they can then interact with the Doc; but ultimately, you maintain ownership. In this analogy, the Google Doc is your token and the View Only or Edit permissions are authz grants.

(See "Why Non-Custodial Solutions?" for more details.)

Does Yieldmos take custody of my tokens?

No. Yieldmos is a non-custodial solution that does not take custody of your assets.

(See "Why Non-Custodial Solutions?" for more details.)

I am currently using another compounding service that uses authz. If I want to use Yieldmos instead, should I disable the other one?

For optimal performance, you should disable any other compounding service.

Am I still eligible for airdrops if I use Yieldmos?

Yes! Since you always maintain ownership of your tokens while using Yieldmos, you continue to be eligible for all relevant airdrops.

How do I know which addresses belong to Yieldmos?

These are the Yieldmos addresses by network:

  • agoric197h9y842e3gmqunq80hr56x5dd2judw4stwydn

  • akash1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jnktn44

  • bcna1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jyak4ya

  • bitsong13ns28f0dw9l42824je5g9p58ejx59n8xmrxg00

  • cerberus1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jz2xaey

  • chihuahua1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jact6dd

  • cosmos1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j7dx5v0

  • cro1kem74cfcnh88tmnc6zgh58dlp73sr9s9fjg5e5

  • evmos1fjfr8x8mclkx7srgfdmce39h3x0dmxgdx7wqes

  • fetch1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jds0swc

  • gravity1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j6a5vf8

  • jkl1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j8ng94s

  • juno1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jgl90tn

  • kava17vm3v3y9mvggkusf7qedukzsxg9ujxlsd9f2vj

  • kujira1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j09yvp9

  • lum1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jt8maem

  • mantle1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jqfa3n9

  • meme1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jqjsrt9

  • osmo1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jkk4y6a

  • persistence1mck7rcqy046gmh6afjh70tsjsdlle6z5r0rcdq

  • rebus1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j089pce

  • regen1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jp0dg6t

  • secret1l2kduz708sgzt7ngdsqcm6ss3wvp05533hrwca

  • sent1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j9ksdgq

  • sif1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jmsfzry

  • stars1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7j233f87

  • terra1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jcfu5w0

  • tori1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jue3ahl

  • umee1f49xq0rmah39sk58aaxq6gnqcvupee7jvmmtga

Why do I not see any Yieldmos transactions on Mintscan when I look at my account?

Currently, Mintscan does not support the display of transactions that have been executed on your behalf using authz. Please use ATOMScan to view the pertinent details of the transaction Yieldmos has executed on your behalf.

On ATOMScan, the transactions executed by Yieldmos will be categorized as "Multiple" in the Type column. (Note: every "Multiple" transaction in your list of transactions is not necessarily Yieldmos; any transactions with more than one Type or more than one account will be displayed as "Multiple.") Click on the Hash link to view the details of the transaction and then search for your wallet address (CTRL/CMD+F on most browsers).

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